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Teacher to Director Pacific TAFE

Teacher to Director | COL   Teacher to Director “By being a complete distance and flexible learning product, I developed deep passion to promote flexible learning which can transform lives as it has done mine. My motivation to lead Pacific Centre for Flexible and Open Learning for Development (PACFOLD) originates from my learning experience” Hasmukh … Read more

Research Skills Development at USP

Integration of research literacy and skills in USP curricula is intended to produce graduates who are ‘discerning consumers’ of information, able to undertake research and apply research findings to address various challenges facing the Pacific region. BACKGROUND TO RSD AT USP Under the Strategic Total Academic Review (STAR) process at the University of the South … Read more

COL PREST Programme

With the continuing interest and investment in e-learning and other forms of distance education, comes increased interest in research as a means to direct innovation and determine cost and learning effectiveness. However, conducting (and evaluating) quality research requires a set of skills that are not always available to distance education institutions, nor individual practitioners. To … Read more