Research Skills Development at USP

Integration of research literacy and skills in USP curricula is intended to produce graduates who are ‘discerning consumers’ of information, able to undertake research and apply research findings to address various challenges facing the Pacific region. BACKGROUND TO RSD AT USP Under the Strategic Total Academic Review (STAR) process at the University of the South … Read more

COL PREST Programme

With the continuing interest and investment in e-learning and other forms of distance education, comes increased interest in research as a means to direct innovation and determine cost and learning effectiveness. However, conducting (and evaluating) quality research requires a set of skills that are not always available to distance education institutions, nor individual practitioners. To … Read more

Why mobile learning?

John Traxler is Professor of Mobile Learning, probably the world’s first and a full UK professor, and Director of the Learning Lab at the University of Wolverhampton. He is a Founding Director of the International Association for Mobile Learning, Associate Editor of the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning and of Interactive Learning Environments. He is on the Research Board of the Association of Learning Technology, the Editorial Board of Research in Learning Technology and IT in International Development.

In this video, prepared for a Standford University MOOC on ‘designing a new learning environment’, John talks about the importance of mobile learning for the future. (6.53)

mLearning at USP

A PowerPoint presentation from the Faculty of Science, technology and Environment explaining what is mobile learning why should we use mobile learning? the history of mlearning at USP the research on mlearning done at USP You can access the PowerPoint from the USP website here – it is also shared in the documents for this … Read more

The SDGs: goals for the Pacific?

The Pacific as a region has broadly failed to achieve the MDGs : 10 of the 14 independent Pacific island states did not achieve a majority of the MDGs (excluding MDG 8, which is not focused on countries), and three failed to achieve any. But despite this there is a sense of optimism regarding the … Read more

Horticulture for the Pacific

Following a COL workshop on Flexible and Blended TVET in the Pacific in Fiji in 2014, Ateca Silotu from the Agriculture Department at the National University of Samoa has produced a new course called Introduction to Basic Horticulture in the Pacific. This course aims to develop a positive attitude towards farming in general, especially towards … Read more

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