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    Well in PNG, there is hardly any research endeavors that I would highlight here as new, and too there is not many ODFL Practitioners here that are heavily involved in research in ODL. There is also lack of Mentoring in this area, but thanks to COL with the PREST series, I was able to conduct at least 2 researches to date, the recent one was presented in the PCF8 in Malaysia, which I am happy about. I am now currently working on another research project this year and I would like to publish this one in a Journal. Well I believe that is all I can say at this time and I hope to hear from you all soon. Cheers!

    • Bula Michael, I find your post to be very interesting and informative. This is information that the Pacific community needs to share so we can have a bigger picture of what is actually happening in the Pacific with accessing quality affordable education and what needs to be done so we can all be on the same page when we are discussing development. I am going to sound ignorant and say that I have always assumed that Papua New Guinea is up to par with its technology and education infrastructure, specifically ODFL as a more effective pathway to accessing education. I would really like to know more about your experiences and discuss more on how you feel P.N.G education should approach adopting and adjusting to the 21st Century methods and approaches to teaching and learning.

      • Bula Matai, well there is no harm in you being ignorant as it is, it is also about time we Papua New Guineans also stop pretending and come out clearly and paint the right pictures so that we can solicit assistance in moving forward, if we want to move forward, otherwise all that is and there is will only be hype. I am quiet adamant in building capacity in Research in my ODL institution. Especially Action research, specifically providing much needed information and factual data to aid in decision making for Institutional growth & development rather than stagnation. The problem I ran into was that there was no-one available to provide mentoring in this particular area, so I had to take this challenge up personally by first developing and refining the research skills that I have, as a graduate biologist. Which over 6 years, since 2010 when I last attended a PCF (i.e. PCF6, in Koichi, Kerela, India), after going through so many statistics text, books and ODL Journals , I was able to come up with a (1) Research Proposal and eventually conducted the research and was able to present it in the PCF8 last year. I have not stopped there as I am leading a Team of Instructional Designers, I am now designing a Research Skills Training session to assist them and all of us Instructional Designers here in my Institution to build our capacity to conduct research in the ODFL environment. Really, as it is, it only needs someone to rise up and take up the challenge for the better, though it may be insignificant (as we are heavily involved in course development and production), but in the long run if we stay true to our cause of action we will make a difference. Cheers!

        • That is very interesting to learn Michael. you have so much passion and drive in advancing ODFL in your country. How well does your planned direction to advocate and promote the use of ODFL as an effective teaching and learning tool, harmonize with the governments strategic plan in developing access to affordable quality education through flexible open and distance learning?
          It would be interesting to know as well if your National University and the Government share the same vision and resources in pursuing ODFL developments.

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